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Seasonal Operation

*May through September*

7 days a week

6am - 10pm

(Call for Availability)


Jobsite Sportfishing LLC

1940 Lakeshore Dr.

Slip D-11

Muskegon, MI 49441


In preparation of you trip we have several tricks and tip of things to do and items to pack for your trip…


Lake Michigan at times can have completely different conditions on it than on the main land. Much of this has to do with water temps and wind.

– Dress comfortably for forecasted conditions, however bring some extra clothes, it is better to have to much rather then not enough.

-Bring rain gear, “the fish are wet we can be too!”,  we do not quit fishing just because it is raining, we will only call a trip due to unsafe conditions (i.e. lightning, dangerous seas, excessive winds)

-Light soled shoes/sandals, we work very hard to keep our boat looking top notch please help us out!

Drinks & Snacks

Feel free to bring along some of your favorite beverages, waters and tasty snacks. All we ask is that you refrain from bringing glass bottles for the safety of everyone on board. We have plenty of room on the boat for a cooler and you will need it to transport your catch home as well.

NO BANANAS ON BOARD!!! – Please leave this evil fruit safely at  home or dockside, the fishing stinks and the captain get very weird!!!

Odds & Ends

– Don’t forget your favorite sunscreen, the lake and boat deck act like mirrors and magnify the intensity of the sun.

– Your favorite pair of sunglasses is a must!!!

– Camera, take pictures!

– If you are prone to motion sickness or are not sure and have not been out on the lake before be proactive and talk to your family physician or look into something from over the counter. Being sea sick is not fun!

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